Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Pday at the park

Tarde Blanca group

Tarde Blanca scripture

February 24, 2014

hello hello mi familia!
Well this week was our tarde blanca.  it was such a great and spiritual day! in total we had 25 baptisms in our zone so we didnt quite reach our goal but just think of how amazing that 25 of gods children made the decision to be baptized and now they are on the path to a better and happier life! 
We were able to see yair, melody and ariana baptized and all three of them are amazing! they are all teenagers and are starting to be confronted with temptations and trials but with the teaching of the gospel they know that they will be able to be strong and to overcome temptations.  i am so happy when i think about them because all three of them mentioned something to me about ´´when im on my mission...´´.  they all have desires to serve missions and i cant wait for them to be able to teach people the gospel.  they are our youth army!! on saturday during the baptism i was thinking about the army of helaman and how so many young boys were so couragous and strong in their faith.  and they were able to work miracles.  and then i looked at yair and melody and ariana and just felt an overwelming feeling that they are like the army of helaman! we have our own little youth army here. ah it was a great day.  

Well today we are going to find out about cambios.  im pretty sure that i will be staying in libertadores with Hermana Espinoza, but you never know.  we both feel that we still have work here to do in this area and she still needs to finish her training.  but whatever happens we know will be for the best.  we literally have THE BEST ZONE ever and i am sooooo sad to know that after today we wont all be together anymore. but its alright because cambios are sad but all the missionaries are awesome and im excited to get to meet some other missionaries! 
i love you all and hope you have a great week!! thanks for all your support and love! 
xoxo hermana murdock 

Happy Valentines Day

Zone Comas

February 17, 2014

Hey family! sounds like everyone had a great week! on valentines day we were walking down the street and saw everyone looking up at the sky and so we looked up and there was a rainbow in a complete and perfect circle around the sun.  i literally have never seen anything so cool in my entire life.  it is definitely a once in a lifetime kind of thing.  i wish i would have had my camera!
Yesterday i spoke in stake conference and it actually went really well.  i spoke about missionary work and how we can learn from the examples of the people in the book of mormon.  i used examples from alma chapter 26 about ammon and his brothers who are preaching the gospel to the lamenites.  if you havent read this chapter i encourage you to read it because its a super powerful chapter about the joy of bring souls unto christ even in times of tribulation.  
Things are going good here in libertadores.  our tarde blaca is on saturday and im so excited! we finally got permission from yairs family so we now have 3 people who will be baptised this day! its amazing what the lord can do if we trust him.
This week in my personal study i came across a story that i absolutely love and want to share it with you all.  its in moses chapter 1 in the pearl of great price.  in this chapter moses is transfigured and is talking to god.  and three times god refers to moses as ¨´my son¨.  and then god leaves and satan appears to moses and says ¨´moses, son of man, worship me.¨´ and i love what happens next.  moses says to satan, ¨who art thou? for behold i am a son of god.¨´ this is so powerful because there are so many times when satan tells us that we are nothing.  that we are only sons of man and nothing more.  but we know that we are sons and daughters of god!!

i love you all and hope you have a great week!

until next week...

xoxo hermana murdock 

Monday, February 3, 2014

You may think its raining but its definitely not (we haven't had rain a day since I've been here) but last pday we played games with water and just had a great time!

February 3, 2014

hello hello mi familia!
Sounds like everyone had a great week this week! i cant believe its already february.  wow time is flying.  we are already half way through this transfer.  i am sending this late because we were in internet this morning and i had just finished reading my emails when the whole place lost power haha.  but we left and decided to go as a zone to eat at chilis!!  but while we were waiting for our food the power went out.  can you believe it? they were still able to bring us our food and it was so delicious! i had fettuccini alfredo! ah i wanted to die it was so good.  and so now we are back and have a few minutes to write emails.  
This week has been so great but so stressful.  we have been working like crazy and i am sooooo tired at the end of every day (at the beginning too haha).  but it is all worth it because we are seeing so much success.  i have really noticed a big improvement with my spanish the last 2 months.  i can understand basically everything now and can say what i want.  what i still need to work on is vocabulary because there are millions and millions of words and sometimes when im telling a story or talking about things other than church i dont have a very big vocabulary. but i feel a lot better about spanish now than i did before.  we had interviews with president this week and he was talking to me in english and asked me to say a prayer and i started in english and literally could not pray in english.  and then when he would ask me a question in english i just automatically answered in spanish.  i am going to be SO AWKWARD when i get home because i cannot speak english!
For our tarde blanca we have a goal of 5 baptisms for every companionship in our zone.  so we have been seaching like crazy for new investigators and helping our investigators that we have to progress.  and we have 4 baptismal dates now!!  anna, yair, melody, and paula.  we know that the lord has been helping us in every way because without him we would not have been able to find these people.  but now that they have made this decision to be baptised satan has been constantly putting doubts into their head.  it is not going to be easy but i know that if they keep reading and praying everything will work out. 
And i have to speak in stake conference the 16th of feb! ah i am so nervous. the stake president asked that 2 missionaries speak and so one of the zone leaders is going to speak and then the zone leaders chose me to be the other speaker.  i just hope that i can get my message across and that the people can understand me and feel the spirit.  but im nervous! so wish me luck! 
Overall things here are going good in libertadores.  we are seeing progress everyday and time is passing so quickly.  i really cannot believe it is february.  i hope everyone has a great week and i can't wait to hear from you all next week
xoxoxo hermana murdock