Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On monday we went to a restaurant to eat with our zone.  I got one of my favorite dishes here in peru called lomo saltado.  It's a stir fry with french fries, meat (ya I probably dont want to know what kind of meat), tomatoes, and onions.  and of course rice.
look what one of the elders found in metro (like walmart).  first of all, they don't play american football here so it was rare to see a football, and it had the university of utah logo on it!!!!!!!!!!! and I was wearing my U of U sweatshirt that day so I had to take a picture.

They hardly have any grass here in Lima so the people water their dirt haha its hilarous. I will never get used to every morning waking up and looking out the window to see people watering the dirt.  If they don't water the dirt it flies everywhere during the day so they water it and turn it into mud.  

May 10, 2014

I have 15 minutes today to write you guys because we aren't going to get to write on monday.  on monday we are going to a stadium to have a fútbol tournament with the entire mission.  country againts country.  so the gringos against the latinos (for sure the latinos will win), and then all the countries against each other like peru, chile, argentina, central america.... so far i have heard that argentina is the best at fútbol but we will see on monday.  
TOMORROW IS MOTHERS DAY!!! I am so excited! I can't wait to see and talk to you on skype! I have been looking forward to it all week.  hopefully I have good internet connection and that it all works smoothly.  
This week my companion and i have been a little discouraged.  discouragement is the enemy to missionary work.  but 2 of our investigators that are sooooo ready for baptism, that read the book of mormon, come to church every week, go to young womens activities during the week, pray every day, and have strong testimonies, told us this week that they feel like they should wait to be baptized until they are more prepared.  but they still want to come to church and everything because they love it and know that it's true.  i don't understand.  it's frustrating.  but we are working with them to realize that now is the time to act.  now is the time to make the decision and act on their faith.  dont procrastinate the day of your repentance.  anyway keep them in your prayers because they are so ready and prepared.  
On tuesday we had a zone conference with president erickson.  it was so awesome!! right now there is a huge focus on all the latinos to learn english.  because english is the language of the restauración.  and so president erickson gave the training in english!! i loved it haha but i felt so bad for the latinos because many of them didn't understand a word.  but i think that it made them excited and motivated to learn. he talked about alma chapters 17-22 and all the missionary keys we can learn from those chapters.  keys to becoming better missionaries.  
well thats about all for this week.  i love you all and will talk to you tomorrow! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY MOM! i love you!
xoxo hermana murdock  

May 5, 2014

buenos dias mi familia! como estan? feliz cinco de mayo!

Why do we even celebrate cinco de mayo? all i know is that we eat mexican food sometimes there are cinco de mayo parties where we dress up like mexicans and have a piñata. haha.  but anyway happy cinco de mayo! 
We are entering winter here in lima.  im so sad about it.  it is literally so cold in the morning and at night.  its probably not really that cold but its super humid and so it feels even colder than it is.  and my companion is from piura which is one of the hottest places in peru where it is never ever cold and so she is dying haha.  this is the first time in her entire life that she has worn a coat or a sweater.  and this is just the beginning.  its going to get even colder! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! 
Also I have officially been here in peru for 9 months! i cannot believe it.  time is going so fast.  and i know this last half of my mission is going to pass even faster.  a few days before my cumplimes, my companion completed 1 month in the mission.  so to celebrate my 9 months and her 1 month, we bought churros on the street.  they were soooo good! filled with carmel inside (and probably a few bugs too haha).  but it made the day feel a little bit special.  

I did something a little crazy this week.  I cut my own hair! I was getting so sick of the dead ends and i definitely do not trust the hair salons here so i just decided to cut it myself haha.  i thought why not? if it turns out ugly who cares.  so i ended up cutting off like 2 inches and it actually doesn't look that bad. so when i get home if anyone needs a haircut i am available haha! 
Sorry i dont have much to report this week.  we are still working with the investigators that i told you about last week.  its sad to see them not progress.  but we did have a really great lesson with V's dad and i think he is becoming more receptive to the gospel. V wants to be baptized but she really looks up to her dad and when he isnt super excited about the idea, she isnt either.  so we are working on getting her dad excited about it too now.  

Tomorrow we have a training with president Erickson and it should be really good.  ill let you know next week the highlights of the training.  and sunday is mothers day!!!! i cant wait to see and talk to you guys.  yes i will be able to use skype again and i should be able to do a pre call the day before to finalize the plans of exactly what time we will skype.  i love you all and will see you soon! (literally).
xoxoxo hermana murdock