Tuesday, February 25, 2014

February 24, 2014

hello hello mi familia!
Well this week was our tarde blanca.  it was such a great and spiritual day! in total we had 25 baptisms in our zone so we didnt quite reach our goal but just think of how amazing that 25 of gods children made the decision to be baptized and now they are on the path to a better and happier life! 
We were able to see yair, melody and ariana baptized and all three of them are amazing! they are all teenagers and are starting to be confronted with temptations and trials but with the teaching of the gospel they know that they will be able to be strong and to overcome temptations.  i am so happy when i think about them because all three of them mentioned something to me about ´´when im on my mission...´´.  they all have desires to serve missions and i cant wait for them to be able to teach people the gospel.  they are our youth army!! on saturday during the baptism i was thinking about the army of helaman and how so many young boys were so couragous and strong in their faith.  and they were able to work miracles.  and then i looked at yair and melody and ariana and just felt an overwelming feeling that they are like the army of helaman! we have our own little youth army here. ah it was a great day.  

Well today we are going to find out about cambios.  im pretty sure that i will be staying in libertadores with Hermana Espinoza, but you never know.  we both feel that we still have work here to do in this area and she still needs to finish her training.  but whatever happens we know will be for the best.  we literally have THE BEST ZONE ever and i am sooooo sad to know that after today we wont all be together anymore. but its alright because cambios are sad but all the missionaries are awesome and im excited to get to meet some other missionaries! 
i love you all and hope you have a great week!! thanks for all your support and love! 
xoxo hermana murdock 

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