Wednesday, April 16, 2014

March 31, 2014

Hey family!
So good to hear from you.  sounds like everyone is doing good! the weather has been cooling down a little bit and at night I need a sweater.  in the day its still super hot but I can tell the weather is changing and I am super sad about it because I don't want winter!! but we are finally starting to find people to teach here in Libertadores so we have some good things to look forward to! 
this week we were walking down the street and there was a 15 year old girl V, her older sister F, and F's baby sitting on the sidewalk talking so we decided to stop and talk to them for a minute.  we made an appointment to come back the next day and have a lesson with them.  so the next day we went and they were super warm and friendly and let us right into their house.  their mom was there too and we found out the she actually is a member of the church.  she was baptized when she was 13 with her dad in the jungle but then she moved to lima and kinda forgot about the church.  she started remembering all the good things she liked about the church especially the young womens program.  she said that she wasnts her daughter V to have the same experience she had and she is really excited for us to teach her daughter.  V said that she feels like something is missing in her life and she is open to learning more about the church.  the mom expressed to us that her dad recently died and she was feeling really depressed but that when we started talking about the church it made her feel super happy.  And she could remember all the great experiences she had with her dad when they decided to be baptized together in the jungle.  After her baptism her and her dad would always go to church together.  She said that she had been praying for comfort after her dad's death and that she knows that heavenly father sent us to their house to tell her that her dad is still looking out for her even though he is not here on earth.  the spirit was so strong and we can't wait to go back and continue teaching them.  
Also yesterday an investigator family came to church! the mom, dad, and three little boys! it is super rare that an entire investigator family comes to church.  usually just the mom comes or just the dad.  but this time both parents and their three little kids.  they were a reference from a family in the ward and are looking to strengthen their faith and are open to hearing more about the gospel.  

This week I had a really cool experience.  we went into a house to teach a lesson and there was a really old wooden chair and i sat on it not knowing that it was broken.  so when I sat down it immediately broke and I fell to the floor (emberrasing I know haha you can say all the fat jokes you want haha).  but I got up and said everything was fine, no harm done, lets keep teaching.  so then later during the lesson the back of my thigh was really hurting but I didn't want to make a big deal so I thought well I will just check out the damage when we get home.  so we went home after and the back of my leg was hurting pretty bad and I was sure that it was all scratched up and bleeding because when I fell the chair broke and there were lots of sharp pieces of wood sticking out.  but I looked under where my garmens were and literally there was not one scratch!! but right where my garments ended it was all scratched up.  anyway it was a really cool experience that strengthened my testimony of the temple garment.  I know that if we wear the garment and are obedient we will be blessed and protected.  
I'm so excited for general conference this week.  we have been told that we are not allowed to watch in english but hopefully this time I will be able to understand more haha.  I can't believe that as of today I have been here exactly 8 months! sometimes it seems like I have been gone forever and sometimes it feels like I just left.  I'm loving my time here and am so grateful to be in Peru serving the lord!  

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