Wednesday, May 14, 2014

On monday we went to a restaurant to eat with our zone.  I got one of my favorite dishes here in peru called lomo saltado.  It's a stir fry with french fries, meat (ya I probably dont want to know what kind of meat), tomatoes, and onions.  and of course rice.
look what one of the elders found in metro (like walmart).  first of all, they don't play american football here so it was rare to see a football, and it had the university of utah logo on it!!!!!!!!!!! and I was wearing my U of U sweatshirt that day so I had to take a picture.

They hardly have any grass here in Lima so the people water their dirt haha its hilarous. I will never get used to every morning waking up and looking out the window to see people watering the dirt.  If they don't water the dirt it flies everywhere during the day so they water it and turn it into mud.  

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