Friday, August 23, 2013

August 22, 2013

hola!! how is america? when does school start? i cant believe that its that time already! these past 3 weeks have been so different than anything i have ever done before.  i have already learned so much about the gospel and about myself in such a short time.  the language is definitely a challenge and its not coming easy to me like a lot of the others here but i know it will come eventually...even if it takes a year.  right now in the ccm my companion hna. nelson and i have 2 "investagaters" john and edwardo (they are really our teachers but they play the role of invest.) we teach them each about 2 times a week.  its hard because there are so many things i want to say to help them understant the gospel but i just cant express myself in spanish. there are words i want to say but dont know those words in spanish so i have to change it to a word i do know and it just never flows very well.  i have been trying to have a positive attitude about it though because one of my teachers hermano porras had us read mormon 9:7-8 and explained that when we doubt the gift of tongues its like we are putting up a wall between us and god.  and the spirit cannot get through that wall.  he said that saying the words "i cant" is like telling god that you dont want his help.  so attitude is everything here!
p days are the best because i get to read all of your emails! thanks for all the encouraging words.  i really love hearing from everyone.  i also love getting outside the walls and interacting with the people of lima.  the other day i was reading in alma 32 and i found a scripture that describes thses people exactly! alma 32:6.  the peopole right outside the ccm are pretty wealthy for peru standards but in lima north i am going to experience serious poverty.  i know the people are going to be so humble and ready to hear the gospel.  its scary/so exciting to think that my time in the ccm is halfway over and soon i will be out teaching these people for real!
this sunday elder cook, elder callister, and elder growberg are coming to speak to us so it should be super cool.  whenever a general authority comes here everyone freaks out because since the ccm is so small we will all probably get to shake his hand and introduce ourself.  its pretty cool!
if anyone is thinking about serving a mission i would definitely recomend it.  it has already changed so many things in my life and is making me the person i want to be.  you will never regret going on a mission but you may regret not going.  things that are hard are the best things to do.  i love you all! see ya in 17 months!
xoxo hermana murdock

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