Friday, August 30, 2013

August 29, 2013

HOLA everyone!
i am so excited its pday! i have so much to tell you about this week.  lots of exciting things happened.  first i finished the book of mormon! i stared the day i got here and it took me 26 days to read the entire thing.  at home i would read a few verses and then get bored but here i could read for an hour and not get tired of it.  its crazy how much easier it is to read here.  i learned so much! and then i went through and found my favorite few scriptures for each gospel topic like faith, prayer, baptism, repentance, titihing, etc and marked it with a sticky tab in my english and spanish scriptures so that if an investigator asks about something i can find it easy.  its pretty great. 
another thing that happend this week is that my companion and i got called to be the sister leaders over the entire ccm.  so we are like the zone leaders over the hermanas.  we have to go to meetings with the ccm president and just check up on all the girls to make sure they are doing alright. 
there was so much excitement at the ccm this week because elder cook (of the 12) and elder callister, grow, and wadell (of the 70) came here.  we got to shake their hand so it was pretty exciting.  elder cook talked about recieving a mission call and why you are called to a specific place.  he said there are 4 reasons you aer called to where you are and the member of the 12 who assignes you call knows exactly which reason if for you.  1)that specific mission president will be perfect for you. 2) the people of that country will have a big impact on you and you on them. 3) certain experiences you will have in that spicific place will prepare you for a future event in your like after your mission.  4) a specific person in that country needs you.  i wish i knew which reason it was that i was called to peru!!
after today i only have one pday left in the ccm.  i cant believe its going so fast! im already sad to leave my district because we have all become so close but they are all going to be such great misisonaries.  im sad to leave but i am so excited to get out into the field!! i leave the ccm on tuesday september 10th for lima norte. 
i am so greateful to be on a mission! i love the spirit of missionaries and its great to be surrounded by them everyday.  i love you all so much! keep the emails coming i love getting them!
xoxo hermana murdock
the opposite of faith is fear and you cant have both

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