Friday, March 14, 2014

March 10, 2014

hello family!
how is everyone? it was great to read all of your emails this week.  thanks for all the love! 
this week was a little rough for hermana E and i.  we have been working so hard and have little to show for it.  our investigators are not progressing.  and this week we had a lot of doors shut in our faces haha but thats missionary life right?  we don't have any references from the members and without references its really hard to find people who want to learn and progress.  but we are working on it!  we planned a movie night in the church for this saturday and are hoping to be able to find some new investigators through this activity.  it should be a fun night and we are really hoping to get the ward excited about missionary work.  
yesterday i was asked to speak in church and i chose to talk about the book of mormon.  no matter how much people talk about the book of mormon there are always new things to learn.  i found a quote by president gordon b. hinckley that says something like it doesnt matter how many times you have read the book of mormon, if you will keep reading, you will be able to feel the spirit and love of god more abundantly in your life.  I KNOW THIS IS TRUE! i love the book of mormon.  and i can feel the spirit more in my life through reading it.  i encourage you all to read this amazing book!  some of our investigators say right of the bat when we start taking about the book of mormon that its not true.  and what we say to them is that you cannot say that this book is false if you haven't read it.  we invite everyone to follow the teachings of moroni and read the book, and ask heavenly father if it is true or not.  and then after you do that, if you don't recieve and answer, you can tell us that its not true.  but i promise you will recieve and answer!
i sent some pictures of last pday.  it was sooooo fun!! we drove like 2 hours away to a part of our mission that i did not even know existed.  there were open fields and trees and grass.  it was like a dream.  it has been so long since i have seen greenness.  and then we found a river! before we left the zone leaders told us that we were going to a river.  but no one believed them because the is no running water anywhere.  but sure enough there was a big river! we were all in heaven haha.  its crazy the things i took for granted before.  my new zone is great and we have so much fun together. 
well i dont have much else to report this week.  i will let you know how our movie night goes and if we were able to find any new investigators.  i love you all! 
xoxo hermana murdock 

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