Friday, March 14, 2014

March 3, 2014

hello hello family

well we had transfers and i am still in libertadores!! and im still with hermana E! we were both releaved (how do you spell this word?) to find out that we were staying.  but our zone changed sooooo much.  half of our zone had cambios.  hermana E and i are the only companionship that is still together in our zone.  some of my good friends left but im excited about the new missionaries that came into our zone COMAS (the zone that has the most fun but also the most success haha). 

right now we are working a lot with a new investigator family.  we contacted the mom, one day in the park and she gave us her address and said to come visit her.  so we went to her house and have started teaching her and her kids.  her husband works a lot and is never home so we havent met him yet but we are working on it! they are super poor and super humble and really willing to accept the gospel in their life.  the mom had problems with abuse when she was younger and she never felt loved and she decided that she was going to make sure that her kids knew that they were loved.  she has had a really hard life but has tried to make the best out of it and to learn from the experiences she has had.  
hmmmmmm im trying to think about what else to tell you.  not much has changed this week.  Y recieved the priesthood in church yesterday and passed the sacrament!  i was so proud haha.  he is going to be such a blessing to his family.  the ward has been great about reaching out to the new converts and this is key.  if we dont have support from the ward, its really hard for the new members to feel welcome and to want to come to church.  
well we are pushing along here in libertadores and are looking forward to this week.  we are hoping to get maria and her family to church this week, and to find some more people to teach.  

i love you all!!!!!! have a great week!
xoxo hermana murdock  

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