Tuesday, October 14, 2014

October 4, 2014

hey everyone! i know today is saturday and i always write on mondays but this monday we are going to have a fútbol tournament with the whole mission so president told us to write today.  and today starts conference weekend!! here in peru there are elections tomorrow so we will be watching conference next weekend.  youll all have to let me know what your favorite parts were.  i so excited to hear what the profeta has to tell us and im curious to see if they will anounce any new temples!
not much has changed since the last time i talked to you guys.  things are going great with my companion and she is learning so fast.  she is such a trooper.  she has been sick since she got to peru (there is so much humidity you can see the water in the air so it makes a lot of people sick) but she isnt letting that stop her.  we have had a weird week.  literally no one has wanted to listen to us this week.  we have had so many doors and windows slammed in our faces but thats part of the mission haha.  we are hoping that after the elections the people will be more friendly haha.  but everything is good.  i know that if we are obedient and working hard heavenly father will put people in our path to teach.  
i love you all and will talk to you next monday! (13 de octubre)
xoxoxo hermana Murdock 
attached is a photo of hermana maldonado and i last pday in civilization haha eating a cinnamon roll!! 

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