Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 1, 2014

hey! wow i cant believe that today is december 1st.  its begining to look a lot like christmas... (oh wait, not really haha).  its warming up here in lima and i love it.  its so nice to walk outsided and feel the sun!
well this week was great! here they dont celebrate thanksgiving.  but luckilly my companion and i got invited to 2 thanksgiving dinners!! the first was on monday with the zone which was SOOOOO good! literally the best thing i have eatin in a long long time.  us gringos and a few of the latinos made it all from scratch! we asked the married missionaries from idaho to help us so it all turned out super good! and then on thurdsay the bishop and his wife, my pensionista and her family, and another family in the ward invited us to celebrate thanksgiving with them.  but turns out that they invited us so that we could make the food for them haha.  im going to miss these people so much! 
this thanksgiving made me think a lot about how grateful i am. i have recieved so so so many blessings in my life and it would take forever to write them all.    
and on wednesday elder wilson, elder martinez, elder muñoz, elder neranjo, and my companion and i cleaned the church for service which was super boring at first because we had to clean a million dirty chairs but we decided to make it fun and had a water fight.  i ended up stepping on glass which went through my tennis shoe and into my foot and it was bleeding all over the place but we just cleaned it off and no harm done.  it stopped bleeding after awhile and at home i cleaned it really good and now i just have a huge deep hole in my foot haha.  but it doesnt hurt anymore so todo está bien.  
this week hermana M and i get to go to the temple which will be my last time before i finish my mission.  so i will send you pictures next week of the beautiful lima temple! 
and we also found a new investigator this week named A.  she came to church on sunday and had a lot of questions and seems really interested.  keep her in your prayers so that she can overcome a few addictions to progress and accept a baptismal date of december 27th! 
I LOVE YOU ALL!! have a great week! 
xoxo hermana murdock 
service with zone


service and water fight

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