Tuesday, December 23, 2014

December 22, 2014

we had cambios and... i will finish my mission in a trio with hermana M and HERMANA G!!! my childhood friend!  it is literally the best thing ever.  i have never had more fun in my whole life.  the 3 of us just laugh and joke around nonstop.  i am soooooo sad that i will have to leave them in just a short week and a half but i know that they will continue the work strong here in chinchaysuyo!
we are so excited for an investigator named J who will be baptized in january.  last night we had a great lesson with her about following the commandments and she is completely committed to living the gospel.  she is even sharing her testimony with her friends and giving us references!! 
also this week we had a family night with my FAVORITE family in peru.  la familia E.  the mom L has cancer for the 2nd time and she just had an operation to remove part of the tumor.  and she will start chemo again in january.  she is the strongest person i know.  honestly she has changed my life and i will always be grateful for her and her family.  even when things get tough if we have faith and a good attitude anything is possible.  miracles are possible.  they invited my companions and i to spend Christmas eve with them so i will send more pictures next week.  
and this week is CHRISTMAS! what a great time to remember Christ and everything that he did for us.  there are so many things that we can do to show our gratitude in this Christmas season.  giving service is one of the best ways to feel the spirit and to be happy.  i hope you all have a great Christmas.  i am so grateful to be here serving in peru and to get to spend Christmas with these amazing people. 
i love you all and will talk to you soon on skype!!! ahhhhh im so excited! 
ps the photo is of me with a peruvian dog.  they are the most hidious things i have ever seen in my life. haha
Peruvian dog


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