Tuesday, June 17, 2014

June 2, 2014

buenos dias!
here in peru we eat lunch with a different member every day and so we never know what we are going to be served.  they just walk out of the kitchen with a big plate of food and you have to eat whatever it is.  so this week we went to eat and guess what they brought out? ya you guessed it- fried liver.  and not just like a little piece but an entire plate of liver.  i have learned to be able to eat just about almost anything now (even beans...) but i just couldnt down the liver.  so when the member left the room my companion put it onto her plate and ate it all for me.  i was so grateful.  she said that its not her favorite but she can eat it.  she is the sweetest girl.  so that was the excitement this week haha.  
other than that nothing new has really happened this week.  we are still working with T and C helping them prepare for the wedding and baptism.  they are awesome.  this week they took a bus to la molina to walk around the temple and they told us that they have a goal to be sealed in the temple one year after her baptism!  families can be eternal!  T had her preinterview for her baptism this week and she was so nervous but everything went great and now she is even more excited.  they said that today they were going to go to the government building again to see if the partidas have arrived so that we can plan the exact date of the wedding.  honestly i am a pro at planning weddings now haha who knew that this would be part of my responsibility as a missionary but i love it.  
we just found out that on the 14 de junio elder oaks of the quorom of the 12 apostles is going to come and have a special conference with the missionaries.  so that is definitely something to look forward to.  ill give you a run down of what he says after he comes.  
well i hit 10 months this week.  time is flying by.
i love you all! have a great last week of school and start of summer! im jealous that you guys are starting summer and we are just starting winter.  you know how much i dont like the cold... but i feel like this winter i will be more prepared for the cold than last winter.  thanks for all the emails i can feel your love!
xoxoxo hermana murdock
ps sorry if sometimes my emails dont make sense.  it takes me a long time to write these emails because english does not flow naturally but hopefully you get the point.  les quiero mucho y estoy muy agradecida que tengo una familia tan excelente como ustedes.  muchas gracias por todo.  

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