Tuesday, June 17, 2014

May 26, 2014

hey family!!
well... we had cambios and im still in libertadores.  by the time we have cambios again i will have been here for 7 months.  more than a third of my mission haha.  but i love it here because literally everyone knows me and there are some awesome people here.  i will miss them so much when i leave.  and hermana silva and i are still together which we are so happy about.  we work so well together. 
I'm going to send a bunch of photos of what we have been doing lately.  i hope they all go through because the computer is being really slow today.  
this week president erickson showed up to our zone meeting and he gave a training about things we can and cant control.  as missionaries there are a lot of things that we cant control because people have their agency.  we cant control whether or not people will decide to read, pray, come to church, or be baptized.  so we need to focus on the things what we can control.  we can control how prepared we are for the lessons, if we teach by the spirit or not, how well we know the doctrine, our love for the people, our attitude, our invitations to read, pray, come to church, and be baptized.  we need to do everything we can and then have faith that the people will use their agency to choose whats right.  
so last week i talked a little about T and C, our golden investigators.  C is a member but hasnt been active in about 4 years and T is an investigator.  they want to be married but her partida de nacimiento doesnt exist.  so she was going to have to travel to her home town which is far away to have them make a new one.   but we saw a miracle this week.  not kidding it was a miracle.  we have been praying really hard that somehow everything would work out with her partida.  and they have been praying too.  and we kept teaching them about the blessings we recieve if we are obedient and show the lord that we want to change.  so they have been keeping all their commitments and have been coming to church. and told their bosses that they wouldnt work sundays.  and then this week T told us that she went to the government buiding this week to see if their was another solution to get the partida and found someone there that told her that if she could talk to someone in the highschool she went to and if she could have them send her transcripts that show where she was born she didnt have to travel, and she could do it all from lima!  so she talked with her highschool and after some convincing, they agreed to send the transcripts.  which means that we should have the partida this week! and they can be married at the end of june.  and she wants to be baptized the day after her wedding.  honestly the lord can do amazing things! 
i love you all and love reading your emails! sorry i dont have time to write everyone back but just know that i love you and i am thinking about you! 
xoxoxo hermana murdock 

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