Tuesday, September 23, 2014

September 22, 2014

hey everyone!! thanks for all the emails!
this week C & H got married!  it was such a fun day and they were all so happy.  i sent a few pictures so hopefully you can feel a little of the excitement we felt that day.  the next step is to prepare and  for baptism.  if everything works out as planned they should be baptized in october! 
this week i was thinking about things that i love about peru.  there are definitely things i dont like (cultural differences, weird beliefs, tardiness) but there are also so many things i love about peru.  so here are a few:
-the food here is super good! (very fattening and diabetes waiting to happen with so many carbs but very good haha).  they are very proud of their food and spend hours in the kitchen every day preparing lunch.  
-also there are little tiendas on every street which are like little mini stores where you can buy whatever random thing you want.  they literally have everything. 
-the people are really friendly and they wave or say hi to everyone that passes by. 
-in peru there is beach, jungle, mountains, snow, and desert.  they have it all.  
-there is so much old culture and families have traditions that trace back to the incas
-the people here are not focused on material things and they dont really care about their appearance.  they have their focus on different things.  instead of being focused on clothes and phones and cars and houses, they are focused on family and religion.  everyone believes in god here. 
-also the church is fairly young in peru so almost everyone we talk to that is a member is a convert.  they have such cool stories of how they were converted and the reasons they are in the iglesia right now.  
there are so many more that i cant think of right now but i really do love peru.  and i am so grateful for this oportunidad to live her for year and half and experience the crazy peruvian culture!
les quiero mucho! estoy muy agradecida por este oportunidad de ser misionera y experimentar la felicidad que este evangelio brinda.  y también que puedo compartirlo con ustedes un poco por medio de mis emails!   yo sé que dios no ama y que este evangelio es verdadero.  yo sé con todo mi corazón que las familias pueden ser eternas! les quiero mucho!
xoxo hermana murdock  

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