Monday, September 8, 2014

September 8, 2014

This week i had a really humbling experience.  my companion and i gave service to one of the old ladies in the ward.  every wednesday we have time to give service.  so we planned to help one of our investigators but they weren't home.  so we decided to walk around and find something to do.  so we decided to knock on the door of one of the members house.  and she was home alone doing laundry.  she is allergic to laundry detergent so her whole hand was red and had a huge rash all over.  so it was the perfect opportunity to give service! here in peru the people live in very humble circumstances and they do laundry by hand.  it is a very long and hard process and its super hard on your back and your hands.  and the water is freezing! but my companion taught me how to do it and we spent the next 2 and a half hours doing the laundry.  and then we hung it out to dry but there is no sun and there is a ton of humidity so it takes days to dry.  it was a very humbling experience because i just realized how blessed i really am.  most of the world does laundry by hand.  in other parts of peru they wash their laundry in rivers with rock or with a scrub board.  i really feel so grateful to be serving here because i am learning so much about what really makes people happy.  its not the material things that bring happiness.  those thing are unnecessary.  its families, friends, and the gospel that make people happy.  it was a great day and my companion and i both felt super happy to be giving service and helping this hermana.  she was so thankful for our service!!!
C & H are doing great! this week we recieved their partidas so they were able to register for the wedding and are now trying to do all the other paperwork they have to do before the wedding.  they are both super excited and a little stressed but everything will turn out great! 
well thats all for this week.  I always have so much i want to say but just dont have the words to explain everything.  my english is struggling a little bit haha.  but i hope that you can feel my love and excitement for the work.  i love being here and i am a really going to try to use these last 4 months to work hard and teach like crazy.  
i love you all!!

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