Monday, September 8, 2014

September 1, 2014

hello family!
i am sending a bunch of pictures of downtown lima.  it was so awesome.  it really looks like europe.  it was great to get out for a few hours and experience lima haha there is so much culture it is so interesting.  lima was founded by spain so there is a lot of catholic history with tons of huge churches.  i definitely want to go back one day to be able to see more.  
yesterday we had a miracle.  we had 6 investigators at church!  we really are so excited for this month of september because we have some great investigators who we can see have big potential.  and i should be a professional wedding planner!! C & H are getting married!! C is an inactive member who was baptized when she was young in arequipa and then she moved to lima and stopped going to church. H had never really heard of the church and didnt even know that C was a member.  but they live like 4 houses away from us and are friends with my pensionista.  so we started visiting them awhile ago and became really good friends with their 2 little kids.  C is pregnant so they are expecting aother baby in january.  We challenged them to be married and they told us that honestly no one had ever taught them that people should get married.  they really had never been told that marriage was important.  but after a family night with the bishop and another with our pensionista and her family, C & H have decided to be married on spetember 19th! so now we are in the process of finding their partidas de nacimiento and all that fun stuff.  but luckily this time i know a little bit more about how to do it.  C & H and their 2 kids all came to church yesterday! we were so excited.  
we had 4 other investigators that came also that are progressing towards baptism.  we are hoping that they will all be baptized in september but we also know that the adversary likes to convince people that following heavenly fathers plan is not what they should do.  so keep them all in your prayers!! 
the weather is finally starting to warm up a tiny tiny bit haha.  now sometimes the sun comes out for an hour or so.  it makes me so happy!
well thats all for this week! i love you all.  have a great week
xoxo hermana murdock 

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