Thursday, November 27, 2014

November 10, 2014

ok i dont know what happening to me today but i cannot type.  so sorry in advance for the typos.  this week we invited M and her son sebastian to be baptized on the 22nd de noviember and they said yes!! they are so great and we are super excited for them.  they have come to church twice and went to the primary activity this week and are fully willing to change their lives to live in harmony with the teachings of the lord.  we know they are going to recieve so many blessings becasue of their faith in the lord. 
we also are really excited for an investigator named Luis.  he is a single dad whose wife died from cancer 4 months ago.  he said he is looking for something that will help him be with his wife for eternity.  and we have the answer for him!! so i will keep you updated on his progress. 
and we had cambios and i am still in chinchaysuyo!!!! i know its because my companion and i still have so much to do here and there are people we still need to find.  we are going to work like crazy in these next few weeks! 
and this week I DRANK FROG JUICE!! let me explain the process... 
first you choose a live frog from the tank.
then the guy takes the frog out of the tank and wacks it against the wall until it dies.
then he cuts off the head and pulls off the skin all in one piece. 
so then its just a whole frog but without skin.
then he cuts a little slit in the stomach and pulls out the intestines.
then he boils the frog in a mixture of some kind of milk crap and other surprises.
and then he pours the boiled frog and the milk mixture into the blender and blends it up until its liquid. (the bones and everything) 
he then adds 2 raw eggs and...
it didnt taste bad.  it actually had a sweet taste.  supposedly its good for your lungs and its very healthy.  on tuesday one of the elders in our zone called us at 6:40 in the morning and told us to come to el mercado for "breakfast". so like 6 elders and 2 hermanas and my companion and i all drank the frog juice.  it actually tasted good but i dont think i will be doing it again haha.  
i am loving my time here as a missionary.  anyone who is thinking about serving a mission i would encourage you to go!! you wont regret it. 
LOVE YOU!! xoxox hermana murdock    

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