Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 20, 2014

this week flew by with lots to do! i will tell you a few of the things that happened this week.

1- the young men and women has their annual stake dance called oro y verde and its a formal dance.  none of the young women could find dresses appropriate and so my companion and i let all the young women come over and see if they could find anything in the clothes that we have.  so at the dance all the young women were in my companion and my clothes haha!!! they all looked really cute and we were happy to help out! 
2- on monday we had a noche de hogar con E and his wife, the couple missionaries, and a couple in the ward.  i have not laughed that hard in a long time.  it was hilarious.  after the spiritual message we played a game that elder M organized.  it was like charades (how do you spell that???) where you have to act out the name of a person and your team has to guess who it is.  it was 6 old people and my companion and i.  really i should hang out with old people more often because it was hilarious.  it makes me miss spring creek (i never thought i would say that).  
3- this week my companion and i got super sick because of so much food.  on wednesday we went to lunch and the member brought out our plates of food and we just looked at each other like ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!!!!!! the food they served us could have been for at least 6 people.  im not exaggerating.  i wanted to take a picture to send to you but that would have been rude haha.  it was a mountain (literally) or rice and a mountain of mashed potatoes and a HUGE piece of chicken. we finished as much as we could and then just said over and over how good it was so that they didnt feel bad that we couldnt finish it all.  and asked for forgivness a million times.  and we left basically rolling out the door.  the walk home was the hardest thing i have ever done haha.  
the belief here in peru is that if you go home from your mission skinny its because you werent loved.  well, i am definitely loved haha.  
anyway things are going good!! the work is moving forward.  i really hope i can finish my mission with hermana M because she is the best!!!!!!!!! we have so much fun together.  this saturday we have el bautismo de eli so i will be sending you pictures next week!! 

I LOVE YOU ALL!!! thanks for always writing me! i can feel your love and your prayers! 
xoxox hermana murdock 

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