Wednesday, November 5, 2014

November 3, 2014

this week was super fun! my zone had a halloween party on monday and everyone was being boring and said they didnt want to dress up but my companion and i dressed up anyway haha.  we went as elders!! we borrowed clothes from a guy in our ward and it was super fun! everyone was jealous haha. and everyone wanted to take pictures with us.  
and we had G's baptism this week!! she is only 10 years old but it was awesome because she really has such a strong testimony and her uncle diego was able to baptise her.  i really feel so blessed to have met this family.  we first went to teach C, and then when C got baptized, D started coming back to church and now is going on a mission in january, and G got baptized. and the parents are reading the book of mormon and even though they still say that they arent ready for baptism i know their time will come!   
also this week the bishop told us that we should go visit una hermana from the ward named R becuase she is going through some hard times and she is a single mom who just found out that her little daughter has bipolar disorder and is going through lot of other problems also so anyway we went to visit her and had an awesome lesson with her and we could feel the spirit so strong and at the end of the lesson she told us that there are 2 families that live in the same building as her that she has become friends with (a single mom and her kids, and a single dad and his kids) who she feels like are ready to hear the gospel.  so she introduced us to them and the mom and her kids came to church on sunday!! and then sunday night we had a family night in la casa de ruth with all 3 of the families and it was AMAZING! my companion and i are so excited and we feel like they are definitely going to progress.  
xoxo hermana Murdock

ps- this week it rained (which never happens in lima) and our ghetto bathroom doesnt have a roof.  so sitting on the toilet while getting rained on was fun...NOT haha

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