Wednesday, November 5, 2014

October 27, 2014

THIS WEEK THERE WAS A RAT IN OUR BATHROOM!!!!!!!!!! so on friday we were walking down the street were we live and our pensionista and her daughters were outside and one of her daughters came running toward us yelling "a rat! a rat!" so we were said ok but where??? and she said, "in your room!" Well rats arent uncommon so i wasnt too worried until she said that the rat was in our room! there were people fixing the tubing unter the street so they cut a hole in the street and tons of rats came running out.  and our neighbor was looking out his window and saw a rat go under our door.  so anyway my compaƱera and my pensionista were screeming haha and i was laughing and no one wanted to go in to see if it was in there.  but i said i would go check so i went in and found it in the bathroom. and our awesome neighbor came in and killed it for us.  and then the husband of our pensionista came and cleaned the bathroom.  no harm done. everything is fine.  but then we had a baptism and after they invited us to go to their house to eat and they had prepared a delicacy cuy (pronounced qui) which is guinea pig!! all my companion and i could think of was the rat that we found in our bathroom hahahah.  and they serve the cuy whole! with the head and the paws and the teeth and everything! anyway it was quite the experience one i will never forget!!
and E got baptized!!! it was such an awesome baptism.  he has rejected the gopesl for so many years but his day finially came to make this sacred covenant with the lord.  his wife is a member and she shared her testimony about how she has been praying for years for this day to come.  and they now have a goal to be sealed in the temple in one year! it was awesome!
this week my companion and i also spent 2 days in imagrations and interpol trying to get my companions visa.  its is chaos there.  but we had fun making friends with people from around the world.  we now have a friend from columbia who is living here in peru to study.  and hippie friends from switzerland.   and a few other interesting people.  you never know who you are going to meet in imagrations haha. 
well thats about all from this week.  today for pday we are going to have a halloween party! so pictures to come... 
xoxoxo hermana murdock 
Beautiful Peru

Peru Sunset

A rat in the bathroom

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