Monday, December 30, 2013

December 16, 2013

HELLO family!!
christmas is coming up! i cant believe its already the middle of december! wow time is flying.  the mission is going to have a big christmas party on the 24th which i am really excited about! it should be a grand time.  and this wednesday my companion and i got permision to go to the temple!! we can go 3 times on our mission and we have decided to go this week.  so after internet today we wont have p-day.  it will be so great to go back to the lima temple.  it is so so pretty! and this sunday the stake is going to have a christmas devotional and my zone made a goal for each companionship to have 11 investigators there.  so that is our goal for this week. 
we have had a few challenges this week.  first we didnt have running water in our appt for about 4 days haha.  that was interesting.  couldnt flush the toilet, shower, wash our hands, nothing haha but thats life in peru.  then we went to church and found that the ward is not very friendly.  we dont have much support from them or from the bishop.  but we are really trying to gain their confidence and we are praying really hard.  but yesterday we were asked to speak in church and it was really great.  i could feel the gift of tongues so strong.  my companion said that i gave my talk without an american accent and that she could understand every word i said.  it was a true testimony builder of the power of the gift of tongues in my life. 
this week i have been reading the 2011 october conference talks because i found an english ensign!!! i was so excited! one of the latino elders had it for some reason and gave it to me.  but 3 talks that i really really love and hope that you all will take a few minutes to read are
1- forget me not by dieter f uchtdorf
2-the opportunity of a lifetime by w. christopher waddell
3- love her mother by elaine s. dalton
you can just log on to and read them i think. 
i love you all so much and hope that you all remember our savior this holiday season!! i know this church is true and know that everything we have is a gift from our heavenly father!
until next week...
xoxo hermana murdock

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