Friday, December 13, 2013

November 11, 2013

hola everyone!!

things have been crazy but great here in lima. working in 2 areas is HARD! but we are doing the best we can and we are seeing some great progress with our investigators!  we have 2 baptisms next week in santa fe (they were people that hna hulse had been teaching before) so that should be exciting! and we have started teaching 5 new people in begonias that i am hoping will progress this next week.  
this week we had lunch with the stake president.  he told us that begonias is the biggest ward in the stake with 900 members!! wow.  but the real question is how many are active? 200.  900 members with only 200 active.  that is crazy.  That's the problem here in Peru is that a lot of people want to get baptized but they dont realize that its a life long commitment (and for eternity too!) so we asked the bishop for a list of all the menos activos and each day we go try to find them.  once we find someone we start from the beginning and teach them all the missionary lessons over again and stress the importance of the santa cena (sacrament) and perseverar hasta el fin (enduring to the end).  we also try to find someone to be a hermanamiento (i think the translation is ward friendshipper? i dont know haha) but someone to pick them up for church and just be a friend.  its a lot of work but we have seen some really great progress! imagine if all 900 members were active! there are not even words to describe how great that would be!
this sunday was the primary program in begonias and in santa fe! i guess it was also this week in salt lake? thats so cool that on the same day i was watching the kids here and listening to the same songs in spanish as you all were too but in english! 
the weather here has been warming up and during the day the sun comes out and it feels so great! the mornings and nights are still pretty cold but within the next month it should get pretty hot.  im excited! i dont think i have really explained much about my area so here goes.  there is a TON of dirt. EVERYWHERE! there are real roads that are not dirt but they have pot holes everywhere so when we ride in the motos and buses it is like a crazy rollor coaster ride! there are not lanes so the people drive wherever they want even into oncoming traffic.  its kinda like the game chicken.  see who get scared enough to move first.  but im used to it now and it doesnt even phase me haha. and i though driving in the US was scary... 
to get from appointment to appointment we walk if its close enough, take a bus if they arent so packed that people are falling out the door (literally) or take a moto. our part of begonias is about the size of the olympus high boundaries and st fe is a little smaller. 
a lot of the houses have tin roofs and concrete floors and walls. but there are also some really nice house (nice for peru standards) like the house of my pensionista and some of the other members in the ward.  these houses actually have roofs.  
its going to be really weird to come home and live in this giant house with carpet.  
i love you all so much and am so greatful to be here in peru! have a great week!
xoxo hermana murdock

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