Friday, December 13, 2013

October 21, 2013

this week has been great! we have transfers tomorrow and so today after our time on the computer we will find out who in our zone is staying and who is leaving.  I'm pretty sure i will stay here with my companion in begonias for at least another 6 weeks but you never know.  i really hope is stay because i love the members and the people here! 

this week my companion had to go on visitas de trabajo because she is the sister trainer leader.  so she has to go work with other sisters in our zone to see how they are progressing and to help them.  so when she is working with a hermana, the companion comes to my area and works with me for 24 hours. i had 2 of those this week which was interesting because i got to see how other people do things but i missed my companion! 

The 2 sisters are getting baptized on saturday!! i am so excited! i will send you pictures next week of their baptisms. they both have developed such strong testimonies of the gospel and especially of prayer.  

we also had a training with elder uceda this week.  he is the area 70 for peru.  he talked a lot about working with members to bring back the less active members.  so we have been meeting with a bunch of the ward leaders to try to get them involved.  it has been great so far and i can only imagine what the ward will be like when all the less active members come back to the church!!

i feel so blessed to be here at this time in peru.  its a lot of hard work but hard things make us grow. i love the gospel and i LOVE the people of peru with all my heart!!

much love!
xoxo hermana murdock

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