Friday, December 13, 2013

September 30, 2013

hola familia!! the computer i am on today is really really slow so i dont think i will be able to send pictures but i will try again next week.  this week was better than last week.  we have some new investigators and they actually came to church on sunday which is a big step in the right direction! we have been working with a less active family la familia c and they are so amazing.  we have been teaching them about the blessings of the temple and they said they would pray to recieve about whether or not they should be sealed as a family (of course the answer will be yes).  we also found a new investigator named l who is about 30 years old and has a 9 year old daughter a.  she came to church yesterday and seemed to really like it so im really excited about that! the language is still a struggle.  i feel like i can understand a little more every day but the other north americans here say that it takes about 4 months in the field to really feel like you can understand everything.  they say the first 4 months are the hardest... so i will push forward. i felt my first earthquake this week.  it was so so so tiny i barely even felt it but i guess the epicenter was in ariquipa and it was a 6.8 earthquake there.  all we felt here was a little shaking but i could hardly feel it.  they say that happens a lot here.  the people of peru are amazing and i feel so blessed to get to know some of them.  my struggles are nothing compared to theirs so if i just keep reminding myself that i will be able to be more focused on helping them and not worrying about myself.  the area i am in is san juan de lurigancho but my area is called canto grande and my ward is begonias.  i love the people in this area and im pretty sure that i will be here for at least my first 12 weeks in the field for training.  and then after that i have no idea.  the weather is gettng warmer every day but nights are cold.  i wear my tights and my jacket and scarf and sweater and im fine.  im excited for when it really warms up though.  i am about 40 minutes away by bus from independencia which is where the mission home is.  this week is general conference and i am sooo excited! i really really hope that i can watch it in english or else i will not be able to understand anything! haha.  im excited to hear from president monson and listen to his inspired words.  i love you all so much!

xoxo hermana murdock

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