Friday, December 13, 2013

November 4, 2013

hola me familia!!

wow i have so much to tell you all and not much time! this week has been so great here in lima! i have some big news.  Im in a trio now! one of the hermamas in my zone had to go home because she was really sick and so my companion and i moved into the appartment of hermana hulse.  only until the next cambio which is on december 3rd.  so we are working in 2 areas!! begonias and santa fe.  its really challenging but its also really great.  i have been able to see how much the lord helps us because there is no way we could work in two areas by ourselves.  we had some great lessons this week and we have been able to see our investegaors progress so much! 

this week i have noticed that my spanish has gotten a lot better! its still really hard but since we are working in 2 areas a lot of times we go on splits with members so that we can teach the people in begonias and santa fe at the same time.  so i have been going out alone with members which means that i have to teach the entire lesson by myself so it has helped me a lot! on saturday i taught 6 lessons by myself which i would never have been able even a few weeks ago.  i still dont understand everything but it gets better every day! its definitely the gift of tongues.  

a few weeks ago we had cambios (i think its called transfers in english) and my zone was split! we created a new zone so we are the first missionaries to serve in canto chico!! its still my same area but just with a different name. we now only have 11 people in our zone.  my zone is amazing!! i was really sad at first because we lost one of the zone leaders to the other area and he was so great but our zone leaders now are amazing.  we have such a small zone so we are able to do some fun stuff together on p days.  today we are going to take the bus 2 hours away to the mall and go to chilis for lunch!! ah im so excited!  we ordered soccer jerseys with the name of our new zone on them so next week we are going to have a soccer tournament and a volleyball tournament.  and then the next week we are going to watch church movies as a zone and make brownies in the house of one of the pensionistas.  so the next few weeks should be pretty great! 

last pday i went with a few other north americans to immigrations to try to get my visa.  we had to go into the lima central mission because thats where the immigrations office is. i love lima central.  some parts look like europe.  its so weird.  but it was fun because i was able to spend time with my friends from the ccm! elder wilson and elder young were there from my district in the ccm and elder escibedo was there also and hermana brigance.  
well my zone is off to chilis (ya the same chilis as in the united states!!!!) so i have to go.  thanks for all the love and prayers.  i am so happy to be serving the lord here in peru and know that this is where i am supposed to be right now.  i know that the lord loves all his children everywhere in the world and i love that i can share that message with the people here in peru! i know this gospel is true!!

i would love to hear from everyone so keep sending emails! and letters too!!!!!

i love you all!!
xoxo hermana murdock

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