Friday, December 13, 2013

December 9, 2013

hello everyone!! i hope everything has been good for you all this week. i heard that it is super cold in salt lake!  the weather here has been warming up and during the day it gets sooooo hot.  but at night when the sun goes down it is still really cold.  its just the beginning of summer here.

this week has been a lot of ups and downs for me.  I got transfered to libertadores in the zone comas (about 2 hours away from my old area by bus).  I was the only person in my zone to be transferred.  it was a really sad day and there were definitely tears but change is good and change will help me to grow and learn. it was hard to say goodbye to the people in my zone and also the members in begonias.  they are all so amazing!! hermana oleachea got a brand new north american to train in begonias and hermana hulse got a new latina hermana from ecuador in santa fe.  
so my new area is in the zone comas and the ward is libertadores.  there are 200 members in the ward but only about 75 or 80 active.  its a really small ward but with some great members.  one of the member families la familia ochoa called us the other night and said that they wanted to take us on a tour of the area and introduce us to some of the members.  we were so thankful for them and their service and love! my companion and i are both new to this area and so we don't know anyone.  It has been super hard for us this week because its basically like we are starting from scratch.  But the lord is blessing us and we already have 3 investigators!! 
so about my new companion.  She is 23 years old and from Honduras.  She has one transfer more than me in the mission and she was also trained by hermana Olaechea for the 6 weeks before I came to the mission.  She is really cute and we get along great.  she has a lot of fears though.  a lot.  But she has a really sweet spirit and a strong testimony and love of the gospel.  I have had to grow a lot this week because I have had to kind of take the lead with talking to people and gaining the confidence of the members.  I know that with time we will be able to have some great success here in libertadores.  
this week we had the baptism of L and D!! my new zone leaders in libertadores gave me permission to go to the baptism so on Saturday morning we took the bus 2 hours away to my old area.  the baptism was so amazing!! I realized that even though we were just baptizing 2 people it will actually be infinite.  Because L and D will have families in the future and their kids will be able to grow up in the gospel.  L has a really strong desire to serve a mission and so he will bring even more people into this gospel.  It really is amazing!!  I feel so grateful that I had the opportunity to teach them and get to know them.  
Some people have been asking about my Spanish.  it gets better every day but there are still some days when I really struggle.  I can almost understand everything now but I still have a hard time saying what I want.  but I know it will come.  it just takes work and patience. and the gift of tongues is real!   
I love you all so much and hope that you have a great week in the snow! everyone go and visit temple square and see that lights for me.  I am definitely going to miss that this year.  but it will be exciting to see how people celebrate the holidays here in Peru! 
I love you all!
XOXO hermana murdock    

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