Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 11, 2014

hey! buenos dias! como estan? sorry my emails are always so boring.  i wish i was a better writer but im always in such a hurry so i just write the first thing that comes to my mind haha.  how is the summer treatin ya? i cant believe school is going to start so soon!  what plans are there for the last few weeks of summer?
well we have 2 baptisms planned for this saturday!! C and L.  so i will update you a little about each of them.  C has progressed so much this week!! we can tell 100% that his is being converted.  he told us that he has always been very prideful and has never asked forgiveness from anyone but this week he has been praying for a change in his character and on wednesday he siad that he had yelled at his little neice for spilling a big cup of juice but immediatly felt sorry and gave her a hug and asked her to forgive him for yelling.  he siad that now is is a lot more humble and recognizes that he has weaknesses and is trying to change.  we have seen a huge change in him too.  he is truely becoming converted!! and is demonstrating true repentance.  
and then we have L.  L is the cutest girl and its so sad because she had to go through something extremely sad this week. She lost her dad.  We have been talking to her about the plan of salvacion and how she will be able to see her dad again.  i wrote her a little card with the scripture in alma 28:12.  hopefully it helped her feel at least a little bit of comfort.  and as of now the baptism is still on for this saturday.
well today we are going to find out about cambios.  i dont know if i will be changed or not.  there are no new hermanas coming to the mission this cambios so we will see what happens haha! i love you all!! i hope you can feel my love from all the way over here in peru!!
xoxo hermana murdock 

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