Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July 14, 2014

buenos dias mi familia!! como estan??

happy july! july is my favorite month of the year and im feel so blessed to be here serving a mission in peru!  
there is not a ton to report this week.  my companion and i are working like crazy to find new people and to reactivate basically the whole ward.  there are sooooo many menos activos! and the missionaries have baptized 31 people in the last 2 years in this ward but guess how many come to church on sundays? 2 or maybe 3.  its so sad.  so we are really trying to work with the recient converts that are now menos activo.  they were just baptisms but they werent really actually converted so we are helping them to gain a testimony and realize the importance of the convenants they made.  
we did have a super cool experience with a guy that got baptized about 7 months ago that we have been working with a lot.  he is 16 and is the only one of the recent converts that comes to church every sunday.  he has strong desires to serve a mission and he loves to go with us to lessons with investigators.  he has a really strong testimony but is going through a lot of hard things at home with his family and we noticed that he stopped coming to church in his white shirt.  he would come but in like a tshirt.  we didnt think much of it but in one of the lessons i had the strongest impression that we should talk about the atonement and repentence.  and that we can be forgiven of the mistakes we make.  and he started crying and said that he had fallen into temptation and did something that he shouldnt have dont with the word of wisdom and he felt so guilty.  and he wasnt coming to church in his white shirt because he knew they would ask him to pass the sacrament and he knew he wasnt worthy.  so we committed him to talk with the bishop and he was super nervous but yesterday he has an interview with the bishop and we talked to him later that night to see how he felt and he said that the was so happy!! he said that he skipped home from church after the interview hahaha just picture a 16 year old boy skipping home from church.  he said that he has never felt so much happiness and that the guilt he felt before is completely gone! its great to see him so happy again.  i know that repentence is real and that christ attoned for our sins so that we can be clean again.  
well thats about it for this week.  i love you all and i love my mission! 
until next week!!
xoxo hermana murdock

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