Wednesday, August 27, 2014

August 18, 2014

buenos dias mi familia!! how is everyone? i cant believe school starts this week!!

sorry this email is going to be short because i want to send you all the pictures of cristians baptism! 

first off we had cambios and i will be staying here in chinchaysuyo with hermana L for at least another cambio.  i was really happy because we are seeing some great progress and i know there is still so much i can do here.  
this week was so great!! C was baptized on saturday and confirmed a member of the church on sunday.  it was such an awesome baptism.  he is truly converted.  and his mom who isn't a member came.  and his brother D who was inactive is now active again and said that he wants to serve a mission! the baptism was so spiritual and C bore his testimony at the end and said that he truly feels like a different person.  and that he was filled with a happiness that he can't explain.  the water was ice cold and it was freezing cold outside but he was a champ and didn't even complain.
we had some major stress the friday before the baptism because L (who was supposed to be baptized the same day) called and told us that her uncle C who was going to baptize her, had to work saturday and wasn't going to be able to do it and that she didn't want anyone else.  we tried to tell her that its wasn't important who baptized her but what mattered was that she was making this covenant with god.  but anyway turns out that we had to postpone the baptism until next saturday (aug 23rd).  so next week i will send you the photos of the baptism! 
and we have another baptism planned for september 13th! his name is A and he is 76 years old.  his wife is a member and has been praying her whole life that her husband would one day be converted.  and the day has come!! prayers really are answered! its so cool to be apart of this amazing work.  
i love you all! i feel so lucky to be here in peru.  i know that this is a once in a lifetime opportunity and i am trying to take advantage of every minute because before i know it, it will be over.  thanks for always emailing! i love to hear from you!
xoxo hermana murdock 
ps how did our family become members of the church? who was the first person years ago who accepted the gospel? i would love to hear the stories.  did anyone see or hear joseph smith in person?  

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