Wednesday, August 27, 2014

July 21, 2014

hey hey!  im glad to hear that everyone is doing good!  time is flying im serious.  july is almost over! its almost my birthday! and i have almost been here 1 year! ahhhhhhh! crazy.
but anway thing in chinchaysuyo are good.  we havent had hot water this whole week in our appartment.  which means showering in FREEZING cold ice water when it is FREEZING cold outside.  but finally last night someone came to fix the power box thing so this morning we had hot water again! 
this week we have been visiting a less active family.  M has been coming to church with her kids for about a month now but the dad wouldn't come.  they are such an amazing family and they just found out that their son has autism.  its been super hard for them with the therapy and other trials they are going through and the dad was a little angry with god.  but we had an awesome lesson with them this week where we talked about eternal families and we committed them to come to church as a family.  at first he said no but after a little while he said he would try to come.  and on sunday the entire family came!! we went over to their house last night to have a family night with them and the dad was totally different.  like a first i didn't even recognize him.  i thought that maybe his brother was there or something.  it was so weird.  he was so happy.  but he physically looked different.  and then i found in the book of mormon in alma 5:14 where it says ¨have you recieved His image in your countenance?¨´  when we accept christ in our lifes and we recieve His image we literally look different.  we have a light about us.  it was really cool to see.  he said that it felt really good to be united as a family again.  they are such a great family.  

well thats about all for this week.  sorry i dont have much else to say.  have a great week!!
xoxo hermana murdock   

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