Sunday, August 24, 2014

June 30, 2014

this week was awesome! i love being a missionary!  
on thursday i had the chance to go to the lima temple again!! it is so beautiful.  there is such a strong spirit there and i know without a doubt it is the house of the lord.  i cant wait to go back because i finish my mission!
and then on thursday as we were leaving the temple we got a call from T.  she said that she needed to talk to us imeditately.  she wouldnt tell us exactly what was wrong but just that she felt like she shouldnt get married but that she wanted to talk to us.  and we were 2 hours away in la molina and we were freaking out haha but we hurried home and went to talk to her.  she said that she was having doubts and that she was scared and she didnt know what to do.  we told her to just calm down and focus on the reasons that she was getting married.  we read a few scriptures to help her feel the spirit and then we called the elders to come over and give her and C both a blessing of comfort so that they could remain calm before the wedding.  so the next day we called them in the morning and they both said that they felt completely calm and ready for the wedding.  
so saturday we had the wedding and baptism! it was great! after a lot of stress it finally happened and they are so happy.  you can see a change in them and there is a light in their eyes.  its so great to get to witness these experiences.  and after the baptism the ward prepared a little party for them with food and cake and dancing.  overall it was a great day and a day that i will never forget.  these are the reasons that i am here on a mission!
saturday morning before the wedding we had the oportunity to go up in the cerros and build a roof for a family that lives so high up its almost at the very tip of the cerro.  they are super super poor and dont hardly have anything but they are so loving and they wanted to give us everything they had.  the mom cooks in a fire pit outside her house and they dont have a bathroom, shower, electricity, nothing.  but they are soooo happy!  they live in a really dangerous area and the elders said that if we were to go up there after 8pm we wouldnt come out alive haha. but in the day i didnt feel scared at all.  speaking of danger my companion and i almost got robbed on thursday.  we were walking down the street and i had the thought that i should turn around really fast.  i had no idea why but without even thinking i turned around super fast and there were 2 guys behind us trying to grab our bags.  but i looked him right in the eye and said what do you think you are doing? and they both just ran away.  we really are so protected as missionaries.  we live in a pretty dangerous are but i havent felt scared once on my mission. i know that heavenly father is watching over us in cada momento and that he wont let anything happen to us.  
well cambios are today.  im almost positive i am leaving.  i have been in this area 7 months.  but anything could happen.  i love this area and i love my companion.  its going to be really sad when i leave but i know that wherever i am its where the lord needs me!!
i love you all!! until next week! 
xoxo hermana Murdock 
ps i put the title of this email because the wedding was a massive wedding and 73 couples got married at the same time! it was chaos haha but so fun!  

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