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June 23, 2014

ok first off i just have to say that this week was the most spiritual week of my entire mission.  i saw miracles this week that i never even thought were possible.  i have literally seen the hand of the lord this week here in libertadores.  he knows his children.  and he can do all things.  he can even do the impossible which is what happened this week.  i will try to explain a little of that happened but as you know i am not the best at writing these emails or explaining things haha but here goes.  i am typing like a crazy person so sorry about the spelling and grammer mistakes.  and sorry this email is going to be really long. if your bored just stop reading haha...
so as i have mentioned before we are currently teaching T and C.  and are preparing them to get married so that she can be baptized.  but they have passed through soooooo much oposition in these 6 weeks that they have been listening to us and satan is trying to do all in his power so that they cant make these important changes in their lives.  first when they decided that they wanted to get married, T asked the government for her partida and they said that the building that had her records burned down to the ground haha you may think thats a joke but no, its really what happened.  so they said that she was going to have to travel to her home town in the jungle to try to create a new record of her birth and it was going to be a super long process.  but we were praying really hard that something would work out so that she didnt have to travel and she could do it here in lima.  and the next day she called us and said that she had talked to someone in the government building that gave her some information about how she could do it here in lima, even though the other people were saying that she couldnt.  so she did everything necessary and they said that she just had to wait.  but that they were making the partida!! so that was miracle number 1.  
so then in this time that we were waiting for the partida de teofila we were also trying to get the partida de C.  he is from chiclayo and his family still lives there so normally it would be super easy to get his partida.  all his family has to do is send it from chiclayo and we could have it the next day.  but once again there was oposition. T & C were doing everything.  they were praying, reading the book of mormon 15 minutes EVERY DAY!, having family home evening, not working on sundays, coming to church, everything.  so satan didnt have any power over them.  but he is very crafty and decided to attack C's family so that they wouldnt send his partida.  so something happened with C and his family and they said that they wouldnt send the partida.  in the past C and his dad have had some problems that i guess are still not really resolved.  so once again we were praying that his dad would soften his heart and send the partida.  well his dad decided to send the partida.  but guess what happened.  it got lost in the mail.  once again you may think this is a joke, but no, it really happend. so C had to ask his dad again to send the partida.  
so in this time we were just waiting, praying, teaching them, and hoping that everything would turn out so that they could be married on june 28th which was their goal.  so here in peru you have to do an enscription which is like a (ah i dont know how to explain this in english) but its like a notice that they print in the newspaper everyday for 8 days (not counting sabado o domingo) that says the names of all the couples that are going to be married.  and it has to be for 8 days.  so we figured out that for them to be married on june 28th, we would have to start the enscription on tuesday (the 17th).  so monday came and T called us and was super excited and said that her partida had finally come and she had it in her hands.  she was crying because she was so excited! and she said that the partida de C should be there by the next day, tuesday, so that we could do the enscription tuesday.  so tuesday came, and he still didnt have his partida.  we told them that the wedding was going to have to be posponed until the first week of july because there physically werent 8 days left for them to be married in june.  they were really sad but T said "i know god will provide a way for us to reach our goal of june 28th".  so thurdsay we recived la partida de C and went as fast as we could to the govennment building in comas.  and guess what they said? they told them that they couldnt be married! um WHATTTTTTT? they said that because neither of them was from comas they couldnt be married in comas.  and this never happens! missionaries help people to get married all the time that arent from comas and it works out.  but for some reason with T & C they said that they couldnt be married here.  they would have to either be married in chiclayo, or in the jungle where she is from.  so we walked out of there really confused but right then a thought popped into my head to try in the government building in caraballo.  which is the next city over from comas.  
at this point in was 4 30 and they were going to close at 5 so we rushed as fast as we could to caraballo.  we were praying so hard for a miracle in that moment.  so we got there and they said that they couldnt be married unless they were married in a massive marriage service which they only hold like once every three months.  but THEY JUST HAPPENED TO HAVE ONE PLANNED FOR JUNE 28TH!!!! crazy huh. but the deadline had already passed to do the enscription to be married this day.  but we ended up talking to a lady that said that she would make an exception so that even though they missed the deadline, they could be married on june 28th! 
we left in awe! honestly we were all so happy and we all we could say was "wow its a miracle" "we literally saw a miracle".  T&C were saying "wow prayer and fasting works".  it was a super cool experience.  and then they were so happy that they wanted to celebrate so they took us out to dinner haha.  it was a day i will never forget.  full of stress and discouragement, but also hope, faith, and miracles. 
so the marriage is saturday at 4pm and she will be baptized direcly after the wedding.  i will definitly take tons of pictures to send to you!
ok sorry that was so long.  i cant do the story justice with my words but i hope you can feel a little of the excitement that we felt.  
i love you all and hope you have an awesome week! i love you!!
xoxoxo hermana murdock 
ps are you guys watching the world cup!!! who is winning im so sad that we cant watch it.  

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